Top 3 reasons why transcreation can take your company’s communication to the next level

نوفمبر 14, 2022

What is transcreation? Transcreation is the portmanteau of the words ‘translation’ and ‘creation’, and it refers to the technique of adapting communication between languages. Transcreation is also known as ‘creative translation’ as it goes beyond a t …

The use and importance of CAT tools for language service providers

سبتمبر 13, 2022

The translation and localization industry has only been growing in the past years. The ongoing globalization trend makes having multi-lingual content a must-have for any brand that plans on going worldwide and building an online presence. People from …

Top 5 translation services that will be requested in 2022

يناير 24, 2022

Connection… We can say that it is one of the greatest benefits in the complex times we live in. In the face of remote lives and jobs, we are able to make connections and bridges more quickly than in the past. In this scenario, it is necessary, espe …

Company Globalization

What is Brand Globalization?

ديسمبر 9, 2021

Brand globalization refers to the definition of the brand to be globalized. The brand must have an identity to serve as a medium for its globalization, in both physical and non-physical terms. Therefore, the employer ought to begin by defining and wr …

Fintech: Translation for fintech

Fintech: Translation for fintech

نوفمبر 11, 2021

Fintech is a combination of the phrases “finance” and “technology”. It refers to any firm that leverages technology to improve or automate financial services and operations. The word refers to a fast-rising sector that benefits both consumers and com …

quality assurance

ABRATES Webinar: The Importance of Quality Assurance (QA) for Translation Agencies

سبتمبر 6, 2021

Clear Words Translations is excited to announce that this Thursday, September 9 at 19:00 (GMT-3), we will be hosting a webinar on the ABRATES platform. As we move into an era increasingly dominated by technology, we will be discussing the importance …

remote interpreting

How the Pandemic Has Affected Remote Interpreting

أغسطس 30, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our lives in many ways. Almost every profession and industry has been disrupted by canceled events, the closure of non-essential businesses and schools, and mandated stay-at-home orders. If the trend toward working …

financial translations

Top Tips for Providing Flawless Financial Translations

أغسطس 18, 2021

With the increasing convergence of finance and technology (fintech), financial translations have never been in greater demand. Carving out a niche as a financial translator can be extremely lucrative, as well as help to ensure that you have a constan …

Olympic Interpreting

Olympic Interpreting: The Role of Language Services in International Events

أغسطس 6, 2021

The 2020 (2021) edition of the Olympic Games was anything but “business as usual.” With no spectators and less enthusiasm from the public than ever before, the demand for language services was also lower than in previous editions. That doesn’t mean t …


Clear Words Translations at the 11th ABRATES International Congress

يوليو 21, 2021

With the growing importance of continuing education in the translation field as new technologies and working realities emerge, Clear Words Translations was thrilled to extend our support to one of the largest international industry conferences in Lat …