AI translation

Here’s Why AI Translation Won’t Replace Linguists Any Time Soon 

أبريل 2, 2020

News about AI translation quality has many companies planning to cut down translation costs. You may have even analyzed the financial implications of substituting many of the human resources in your localization project with machine translation. Afte …

localization costs

6 Tips to Keep Localization Costs Low in 2020

مارس 27, 2020

A potential crisis might force drastic changes for all companies, regardless of their size or industry. However, that doesn’t mean you should put your expansion dreams in a drawer until better days come. Localization services can help you overcome th …

Translation for COVID 19 – How Linguists Help Fight Against the Virus 

مارس 20, 2020

Translators may be solitary professionals who rarely leave their homes for their work, but they’re still affected by COVID-19 in more ways than one. Keep in mind that many talented linguists are working hard in translating medical research and data t …


Going Global: 5 Areas Where Localization Services Can Help Your Business 

مارس 14, 2020

Going global is no longer a trend just for large companies. Medium and small organizations can also find international partners and buyers to expand their businesses in foreign countries. The key to a successful global strategy is using localization …

marketing translation

Why Cultural Insights Are Essential to Marketing Translation 

مارس 7, 2020

Global brands need to take customers’ values and diverse cultures into account when pushing marketing campaigns in front of international audiences. Otherwise, marketing translation could fail to draw emotions and trigger the required action.  The cu …

video translation

Top 7 Best Practices For Video Translation 

فبراير 25, 2020

Are you planning to use video content to capture and retain the attention of an international audience? Then, you’ll have to integrate video translation services into your workflow, as well. The only thing better than video content is a localized vid …

translation trends

How Globalization Influences Translation Trends and the Language Industry 

فبراير 18, 2020

Translators and language services providers have been making communication possible at global levels for thousands of years. However, it’s only in the last few decades that the industry has boomed into what it is today. Today, translation trends go h …

translation conferences

7 Things to Do After Attending Translation Conferences

فبراير 12, 2020

Translation conferences and other industry events are essential for your networking strategy. However, participation isn’t enough to ensure success. What you do when you get home can equally influence your growth as a translator.  Indeed, the first w …

localization myths

5 Localization Myths You Shouldn’t Believe 

فبراير 5, 2020

Localization myths keep businesses from reaching their potential in international markets. Most of these folk tales are based on a lack of information and the still prevalent misbelief that languages don’t influence business.  Marketers and business …

Translation matters to non-profit organizations

Why Translation Matters to Non-Profit Organizations 

يناير 30, 2020

How charities and similar organizations choose to communicate with the world has a direct impact on their results. In this sector, multiculturalism and multilingualism are essential elements, so translation matters for non-profit organizations.  Whet …