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Januar 20, 2023 | Uncategorized

The importance of simultaneous interpretation during World Economic Forum 2023

During this week, business and political leaders from different parts of the world met in Davos – Switzerland – at the World Economic Forum, an extremely important meeting for international politics and relationships.

In 2023 the theme is „cooperation in a fragmented world“. The idea is to promote dialogue and help find solutions through „public-private cooperation“. 

These large events that have attendants from all over the world only exist because of simultaneous interpretation. There are many different cultures and languages involved, and interpreters make communication possible.

But how does it work? 

Simultaneous interpretation is a form of translation where the translator translates while simultaneously listening to the original speaker. In events like these, the speaker will talk normally using their native language. The interpreter then listens and translates in real time.

Simultaneous interpreters are required to be specialists on the spoken topic, and also have a great understanding of both languages. Training and preparing for these events beforehand is also crucial, due to the complexity of the task.

Sometimes interpreters will work with teams so they can take breaks and take turns with other interpreters.

Why is simultaneous interpretation crucial?

Simultaneous interpreting is crucial in the modern and globalized world as it allows communication between different nationalities. Not only in worldwide events like Davos but also in situations like Zoom meetings, traveling, entertainment, and many more. 

How to hire an interpreter?

If your company has overseas clients, important deals to discuss in a different language, or is attending a conference, having a specialized interpreter team is game-changing. 

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