Talentum360 Highlights Our Commitment to Continuing Education

March 11, 2021

As a rapidly growing language services provider, Clear Words Translations places a high emphasis on continuing education. We believe that our talented employees, contributors, and all language services professionals should look to constant learning i …

subtitling or dubbing

Subtitling or Dubbing? Which Is Right for Your Video?

March 2, 2021

Subtitling or dubbing? How do you know which one is right for your video? There’s no shortage of (often very vocal) opinions to argue the benefits of both sides. However, knowing which one to choose for your project largely depends on who your target …

video game localization

Why You Should Localize Your Video Game in 2021

February 25, 2021

The video game market has been steadily growing and, according to Statistica, is on track to reach a value of more than $200 billion by 2023. Yet, while the English-speaking US, UK, and Canada all make the top-10 list when it comes to gaming revenues …

project manager

A Good Project Manager Ensures Quality Translations

February 16, 2021

One of the biggest factors in the successful completion of your translation project is a highly organized and efficient project manager. Translation and localization tasks need to respect deadlines and costs to stay within budget. Any delays, errors, …

desktop publishing

How Desktop Publishing (DTP) Is Used in Translation Projects

February 10, 2021

More often than not, translation projects involve a lot more work than simply hiring someone to recreate a text in a different language. This is particularly true when considering translation and localization projects that are large in scope and incl …

vendor management

The Importance of Vendor Management in Translation

February 3, 2021

When most people consider the translation process, they naturally think about the translators and interpreters that convey a text or message from one language to another. However, the translation industry holds many opportunities for all kinds of div …

Clear Words Translations Is Hiring – Check All Open Positions

January 29, 2021

Are you ready to further your career in the translation industry? Are you looking for challenging and flexible work that allows you to work remotely yet form part of a talented team of linguists, account managers, developers, and creatives? If you ar …

translation services technology

Translation Services for the Technology Sector

January 20, 2021

Translation services play a crucial role in all lines of business – and the technology sector is no exception. In fact, even before the pandemic forced us to change our working habits and rely more heavily on technology, the sector was forecast to gr …

The Importance of Developers in a Translation/Localization Agency

January 14, 2021

When many companies set out to localize their website, app, or marketing materials, they’ll often start by asking a translator for a price quote. They may turn to a provider with little-to-no development experience wrongly assuming that the project i …

video translation

Top Tips for Ensuring Optimal Video Translation

January 7, 2021

Accurate video translation is essential if you’re looking to capture and retain the interest of a new audience. And if you really want to awaken the emotions of your viewer and call them to take action, you’ll localize your videos as well using the i …