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June 4, 2020 |

Why Translation Services Are Important for Tech Startups 

Fast-growing tech startups need professional support when targeting international expansion. That’s because dealing with multilingual customers comes with a series of language and cultural challenges that are hard to overcome on your own. You need translation services for tech startups to streamline communication with international buyers. 

All tech giants have an international presence and are continuously developing new strategies to consolidate their positions in global markets. Without translation, you won’t stand a chance in front of your larger, established competitors. 

Professional translation agencies that have already helped tech clients can help you to address country-specific issues in the tech industry. The linguists have the skills and experience to make sure that all potential end-users and decision-makers receive accurate information about your product. 

Let’s take a closer look at how translation services for tech startups can help your company win global market share–and keep it in the long run. 

Translation Services for Tech Startups

As a tech startup, you have no physical borders when it comes to global expansion. With the right marketing strategy, you can gain international visibility, build trust, and even become the next unicorn. 

Success depends on how well your product fits in local markets. And how you communicate with potential buyers plays an essential role in creating the right connections.  

Above all, you need a message that differentiates your product from the established competitors. You’re still in the phase in which you want to develop a brand and create awareness. Your communication strategy should focus on new concepts, regardless of the language of the target audience.

Potential clients aren’t only buying a product, but rather embracing a change and testing something new. This is the buying decision that requires a connection between your brand and your international public. 

In most cases, your message needs to be adapted to highly-specific audiences, such as early adopters or influencers. So, you should stay away from traditional corporate language and come up with a new tone and message. 

You need a translation agency that has experience in working with startups. You want to work with linguists who take the time to get to know your target audience to be able to narrow the messages and meet the expectations of your potential users. 

Dedicated translation services for tech startups can help you sell an idea, not just another product or service. The less international clients know about you, the higher the need to work with a translation agency that has had similar projects in the past. 

The Challenges of Introducing New Terminology

One of the most challenging aspects in tech startups translation is terminology. In this industry, companies often find themselves operating with technical terms and new words meant to define innovative concepts, products, and services. 

Translation services should make your ideas easily accessible to multilingual users, not generate confusion. So, you need to work closely with linguists to create a glossary of terms that ensures consistency across multiple markets. At the same time, the tool is useful for guiding translation teams, as it provides clear instructions on how you say things and what terms you prefer to see in your content. 

If you don’t pay attention to these details, you’ll end up with translators using terms as they feel based on previous projects or what they find on the internet. this means that every translator will have a different approach, which can result in multiple names for your services and various phrases to define the same unique concept you’ve invented. This is a quick path to inconsistent branding, an uneven personality of your startup in different markets, and, eventually, a lack of trust from potential buyers. 

When you opt for translation services for tech startups, you ensure brand consistency worldwide. Professional translators can teach you terminology management and help you maintain an operable database with unique words and phrases that represent your idea of business. 

Implementing Translation Workflows

Translating for tech startups includes two principal areas: tech translation of software, app, and code, on the one side, and web content and marketing materials translation on the other. Each of these two areas comes with industry-specific challenges.

In the first case, you need to create a workflow together with your language service provider. Ideally, you’ll implement an automated system to enable secure information flows for increased efficiency. You can also increase productivity by building a system in which translators and users can contribute, update information in real-time, and even translate strings directly into your program when possible. It’s a process that requires not only linguistic skills but also management and quality control abilities. 

For content translation, your top priorities should be accuracy, generating engagement, and nailing the right tones to match every segment of your target audience. Many tech startups target both B2B and B2C audiences, so they need communication and translation strategies that are easily adaptable to different public categories. Depending on your product, you’ll need to adapt your brand voice to make sure that every translated message reflects your business ideas correctly.  

As you can see, translation services for tech startups include an extensive series of interconnected small projects, from string translation to translating marketing plans and localizing your platform. It’s not something that you can accomplish without rigorous planning and excellent project management skills. 

Work with Professional Translators

When planning global expansion, your primary goal is to build credibility among international partners and investors. For that to happen, you should create the premise for an excellent first impression and avoid misunderstandings. Both these goals require top translation services. 

A multilingual strategy is essential for tech startups that want to impress an international public, so cutting corners in this area should be off the table. Inaccurate translations can send the wrong signals to your target audience, and people may think that you don’t respect them enough to curate your speech or that you’re not ready to go global. Either way isn’t good for your business and can hold you back. 

You need translation to achieve business growth. Starting from making a user-friendly tech product that speaks like its users to marketing and promotion in local languages, every step of your expansion should rely on top-notch language services.