About Us


Breaking down language barriers through clear words translations

We are an international language and translation services provider based in Córdoba, Argentina. With further offices in Sao Paulo, Brazil, we serve the Americas with clear, accurate translations. But, we don’t stop at Spanish and Portuguese, nor are we bound by regional territories. Our translation services continue to grow, including localization services, voiceovers, subtitling, medical translation, and more.

Do you have a rare language document you need translated? Or an interpreting assignment or video game localization? Not a problem! Thanks to our global resources and expert project management skills, we work with all language pairs. For any type of document translation, file or project.

We believe that at the essence of learning to communicate and speak other languages is a continual desire for improvement. As such, we provide ongoing training for our translation team, and continually adopt new technologies to drive down the cost of translation services for our clients. Dynamic, reliable and continually expanding, we’re stepping up to the plate for a new era.

With many years’ experience in the translation industry, we combine a passion for languages with profound market knowledge


Through our sister platform, Plunet, all projects are organized and accessed at a glance, at any stage. We’re always on top of your assignments and carry them out with efficiency and speed. Clear Words Translations is trusted in the medical industry, assisting some of world’s largest names, including Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Roche.

As prominent members of key industry associations, we are forging partnerships that help us grow and better serve our clients. From modest beginnings, we have grown into a capable, experienced and global player. We provide cutting-edge language services that allow our clients to stand at the forefront of global competition.


We are growing up with our customers and offering new solutions and localization services for a digital era. Traditional methods of translation are giving way to modern techniques of transcreation, localization and CAT. We harness technology to strengthen our services and expand across the globe.

With core values of continued learning, self-improvement and cultural respect, our services are tailored to every client. You will always receive immediate response to any request or inquiry. Modern technology is bringing the world closer, and we remove the language barriers that hinder business operations, visa applications, or simple, human communication. Find out more about how Clear Words Translations can help you today!