We’re always happy to hear from you, but if your question is simple, you may find the answer here.


Where is Clear Words Translations located?

We have offices in Córdoba, Argentina and in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


What languages do you translate?

We work with all common languages, from Spanish and Mandarin Chinese to French and German. But we also work with rare languages, including Aymara, Tamil, Khmer and Yoruba. Just let us know what you need and we’ll find the right translator for your project!


How can I send my documents to Clear Words Translations?

The easiest way to send us your documents is by email to info@clearwordstranslations.com. You can even take a photograph and send straight from your smartphone! If you want to send your documents via any other method, simply contact us and we’ll arrange it for you.


How can I pay for my translations?

We generally work with bank transfers and accept payment in advance. However, if you have a preferred method of payment, we’ll gladly discuss your options with you.


How long does it take for my translations to be completed?

Clear Words Translations will provide you with an estimated timeframe and we will always make every effort to deliver in time for your deadline. However, due to the different nature of languages and project materials, it is not possible to give an exact time. Times given are unique to all customers.


Do you need the original documents to translate from?

No. We can translate your documents from a scanned copy or a photograph.


Do you offer rush service?

Yes. For a small additional fee, we can turn your project around faster, helping you make your deadline.


Do you offer interpreting services?

Yes. We can arrange for a qualified interpreter to be at your location in any major world city with as little as two days’ notice. We provide conference interpreters, courtroom and legal interpreters, medical interpreters, escort interpreters and more. Please contact us and let us know about your interpreting needs. We will pair you with an interpreter fluent in the languages you need and also specialized in your subject matter.


What is machine translation?

In many cases, machine translation is not recommended, especially when you have a very engaging marketing message that you want to resonate with people. However, machine translation can be very useful for translating complex subject matter. When we make use of CAT tools with pre-existing translation glossaries and terminology, using machine translation (combined with human translators) can speed up the process and improve the accuracy. This also makes it cheaper for you.

Many people associate machine translation with a simple plugin, like Google Translate and with less-than-accurate results. But, the reality is that machine translation is developing in capability and sophistication all the time. Clear Words Translations is harnessing its power in this digital age. Ask about machine translation and whether it’s right for your project by contacting us today.


What is post-editing machine translation?

Post-editing machine translation (which is also called post-editing) is where our skilled human translators proofread and check machine-generated translations to achieve a flawless final project. Our team members who make post-edits to machine translations are called post-editors.