courtroom interpreter

What Is a Courtroom Interpreter and What Do They Do?

May 29, 2018

A courtroom interpreter makes communication possible in the courtroom. Thanks to their special skills, courtroom interpreters help all people involved to understand the proceedings, regardless of the language they speak. As people’s lives depend on t …

cut translation costs

5 Tips to Cut Down Translation Costs

May 24, 2018

As three in four internet users don’t speak English, you need to translate and localize your website and your marketing strategy to connect with your international public. But every step of this process adds up expenses. The sooner you learn to cut d …

website localization

5 Reasons Website Localization Will Increase Customer Engagement

May 15, 2018

Taking your business global is an essential step towards growth. As you expand your activity outside national borders, you reach a broader audience and attract more customers through your funnel and increase conversions. Website localization is vital …

Technical translations

Why You Need a Professional for Your Technical Translations

May 8, 2018

Technical translations are vital to all industries, as they allow businesses and organizations to go global and reach large audiences worldwide. As more companies work with international business partners, translation is essential for collaboration a …


Why You Should Use Translation for e-Learning

May 3, 2018

Translation for e-learning is an efficient way of spreading your knowledge among your international teams, no matter what languages they speak. When you translate your content for e-learning, you make sure your employees stay up to date on processes …

life science translation

Why Is There a Shortage of Professional Medical Interpreters?

April 26, 2018

Medical interpreters are vital for high-quality medical care, as they allow doctors and patients to communicate efficiently, even though they speak different languages. Without a certified language specialist, people with limited English proficiency …

future of translation

The Future of Translation – A Look at Upcoming Trends

April 17, 2018

When we talk about future of translation, many people think about robots translating thousands of words in seconds! But is this what is really awaiting us in the next five or ten years? Technology has already brought about significant changes in the …

voice overs

Why You Need a Professional for Your Voice Overs

April 10, 2018

Consumers love video content. Last year, 8 billion videos were watched every day just on Facebook. People engage with video content thanks to their interesting topics, emotional message, or popular artists who lend their voices for voice overs. Bette …

subtitling errors

7 Major Subtitling Errors – And How to Avoid Them

April 3, 2018

Let’s be honest. Some subtitling errors are funny, especially when they only cause small misunderstandings. A misspelled word can make an ordinary video go viral by creating a hilarious unintended meaning. However, in other situations, subtitling err …

Medical Translation

How Medical Translation Is an Essential Tool in Modern Medicine

March 27, 2018

Medical translation requires accuracy, but there are few domains where precision is so important as in medicine. A changed or missing word in a doctor’s notes can have negative effects on the quality of the medical act, putting patients’ lives at ris …