Medical Translations

Why You Need a Professional for Your Medical Translations

January 9, 2018

Professional translators in the medical industry are vital. With more of us traveling and living as expats, hospitals and healthcare providers must overcome language barriers and provide quality medical translations. This way, people who don’t have p …

career in translation

Why You Should Consider a Career in Translation in 2018

January 2, 2018

Globalization brings people together from different parts of the world. With more of us traveling from one country to another, the need for translation services has been continuously growing. So, if you were considering a career in translation, now’s …

Easiest Language

What’s The Easiest Language to Learn?

December 27, 2017

Learning a language is a good way to expand your world discovering a new culture. But complex grammar rules and a different syntax even in the easiest language can scare would-be students. Studying ‘easier’ languages can help you improve your languag …

Localization and Translation

What’s The Difference Between Localization & Translation?

December 19, 2017

When your website attracts viewers from all over the world, you need to start giving your public more to grow your retention rate. The localization and translation of your website seem like a natural step forward to provide a better user experience t …

Professional Voiceovers

Top Tips for Recording a Professional Voiceover

December 12, 2017

Nothing kills a video like bad sound. Appropriate background music and a nice voice are essential when you’re looking to keep your viewers linked to your website using videos. Professional voiceovers can turn an average video into a successful piece …

Women in Translation

Why We Need More Women in Translation

December 5, 2017

Being a translator is a challenging and satisfying job that allows the freedom of working from home. Given the flexibility of the profession, you would think there would be more women in translation making waves in their careers. Yet, as with so many …

Quality Translations

Top Tips For Maintaining Quality in Your Translations

November 28, 2017

When looking to ensure high quality translations, it helps to get as involved in the process as possible. As with any project, communication is essential. If you talk to your translators and give them all the information they need, you’ll get better …

books for translators

Is Understanding Culture Essential to Learning a Language?

November 21, 2017

Learning a language goes beyond memorizing words and basic grammar rules. Just because you know how to say ‘lemon’ and ‘glass’ in French, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to order lemonade in a coffee shop in Paris. In fact, you may be surprised by what y …


Why You Should Choose Subtitling Over Dubbing

November 14, 2017

It’s been more than 70 years since people have debated over subtitling and dubbing. Both sides believe their method of translating video content is better for the public and, in some situations, they’re both right. Subtitling and dubbing both have th …

Translation Services

What Are The Top Types of Translation Services?

November 7, 2017

Translation services are available for a multitude of content, from legal documents and commercial contracts, to movies, art and poetry. Each area of translation comes with specific terminology and its own processes to follow. The methodology for tra …