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July 18, 2019 |

Top 6 Industries That Benefit from Translation Services 

The digital age has turned the world into a global community, where people can get instant access to information, regardless of the language they speak. However, the big industries that benefit from translation services make their products known to broad audiences in multiple languages.  

Translation makes communication and interactions possible between people and brands. Language services, such as localization and transcreation, enable companies to counter language and cultural barriers and engage audiences worldwide. 

All industries can benefit from translation services, regardless of their size. But here are the top six and how they’ve integrated translation to enrich their offering. 

1. The Tech Industry

The tech industry has seen massive growth in the past few years, with a global market that is expected to reach $5 trillion in 2019. Almost 70 percent of the revenue comes from outside the U.S., so companies interact with multiple markets in various languages. 

The top 10 largest tech companies by revenue include organizations from the U.S., South Korea, Taiwan, China, and Japan. None of these tech giants does business only inside national borders, so they need to communicate with partners and potential clients in many languages. 

The majority of companies in the tech industry develop international projects and rely on translation services to meet their business goals. Translators and localization experts are always busy working with all types of content, from technical documents to software and marketing materials. 

In this industry, translation services serve a double purpose. They help companies reach new audiences and give access to new technologies to a large number of people. As the digitized global economy continues to expand, more tech startups will have to integrate language services to capture attention.  

2. Finance and Banking

The finance and banking sector is one of the top industries that benefit from translation services in its attempt to reach global domination. In this field, international success requires banks and other financial institutions to fit in with the local markets all over the world. To achieve this goal, they need to localize all their content, offers, and marketing to the target markets.

There’s increased competition in the banking sector, so translation alone doesn’t do the trick anymore. The significant players in the industry need to use localization services to consolidate their global positions. Banks, insurance companies, securities exchanges, and funds all need to communicate their message clearly to stay competitive. 

As the finance industry expands, the need for professional translations grows as well. Organizations need accurate translation to communicate with international clients. Banks and other financial institutions rely on translators for optimized content to attract new customers from multiple foreign countries.

3. Education

Education and training create a solid foundation that keeps people and nations moving forward. Without proper instruction, people, companies, and countries risk being left behind and miss growth opportunities. 

Education shouldn’t come in just one language, so translators have become a key element in the global training industry. They create and maintain a worldwide network in which scientists, researchers, educators, and trainers can share their knowledge and improve their skills. 

Translators help educate citizens of the world in multiple languages. They translate textbooks, software, e-courses, exams, admission forms, school records, and many other types of content with educational purposes. Hundreds of thousands of students around the globe rely on their work to get the education they need to perform in their professional careers.

Besides educational content, language professionals also work with advertisements and marketing plans, helping organizations to reach out to people and make their services known worldwide. 

4. Art and Entertainment

The art and entertainment industry relies on a handful of large brands that distribute their products globally. This global trend that generates over $100 billion in annual revenue wouldn’t be possible without translators and language service providers. 

It’s one of those industries that benefit from translation services in multiple ways. At the same time, it’s an area in which experts need to go beyond translation, as art and entertainment require a deep understanding of history, performance, cultural insights, and how all these fit together with languages. 

The industry has boomed in the digital era when people get instant access to all media products. Downloading and streaming have increased the need for copy adaptation and translation services in this industry.

5. Health and Medicine

Medical translation is an essential tool in modern medicine, as both the pharma industry and health services providers are expected to adapt to international audiences. Patients have the right to receive accurate information from their doctors, regardless of the language they speak. 

With more people traveling and living as expats, the healthcare industry needs translators to maintain quality standards. 

Medical translators and SMEs translate a wide range of technical documentation. They work with manuals, reports, research, medical records, prescription information, and other content that enables healthcare companies to provide world-class services. 

It’s an industry where errors and inaccuracy can put people’s lives at risk. So, companies rely heavily on professional, certified language service providers when looking to expand their business internationally. 

6. Travel and Tourism

Translation in tourism has become an essential element in the industry, as more people are now traveling abroad. Countries that wish to attract international visitors need advocacy in multiple languages to capture attention. 

Moreover, countries need excellent language services to convince international travelers to come back in the future. Officials, as well as travel and tourism companies, are always looking for innovative ways to make people remember their stay for all the right reasons. Communication errors, inadequate translation, and misunderstandings sure don’t make a good impression. 

Translation services allow tourism companies to provide services in many different languages. Businesses operating in this industry need to translate travel documents, leaflets, brochures, as well as contracts and legal documents in many languages to offer exceptional services to their foreign customers.

Industries that Benefit from Translation Services

All industries can benefit from translation services in one way or another. The industries above are some examples of how language service providers make the world go around. They help operators across all sectors to deliver better products and services and connect with international audiences. 

At the same time, translators and linguists give people speaking different languages access to products, technology, and services that otherwise would have remained unavailable.