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February 27, 2019 |

7 Reasons Translators Should Attend Industry Events

Being active in your industry can have many benefits for your translation business. Conferences are more than just simple opportunities to connect with other translators and learn about the latest trends in the niche. Going to events can have positive effects on the way you manage your business and connect with your clients, as well.

Whether you’re a freelancer or a language service provider with tens or hundreds of employees, you should add participating in translation conferences and other industry events to your to-do list this year. Here are seven reasons translators should attend industry events.

1. Participating in Translation Events Helps You Become Known as an Expert

When you or your company attends a conference, you showcase your business to current and potential clients. If you also register as a panel speaker, get involved in discussions, or run an affiliated workshop, you increase your chances of spreading the word about your expertise and generating new leads.

Talk about what you know best and don’t be afraid to share your knowledge with others. The more people see you, the more chances you’ll have of being known as an expert in your specialization.  

2. It’s an Exciting Way for Translators to Increase Their Networks

Translation conferences are one of the most effective opportunities to increase your network and your translation business. You get to connect with other professional translators, language specialists, localization experts, analysts, companies that develop translation tools, and potential clients, just to mention a few.

Freelance translators are often tempted to avoid colleagues for fear of others taking advantage of their knowledge. But, in the industry of language services, this approach only limits a translator’s access to new projects.

The language service industry has the potential to reach $56.18 billion by 2021. So there’s plenty of room for people to help each other and spark inspiration for better global services!  

3. Translation Events Are Excellent Educational Opportunities

A translation conference is a brilliant opportunity to learn more about the niche in which you work, as well as tap into the knowledge of industry experts. During the two or three days of the event, you get to accumulate a vast array of useful information for your professional and even personal growth.

Depending on the panel discussions and workshop that you attend, you can learn best practices for translation and localization projects and find out more about digital transformation, business globalization, artificial intelligence, and other hot topics in the industry. Moreover, there’s plenty of practical and strategic solutions for developing your translation business to take away with you.

To maximize your chances of learning, make a list with the topics you’re interested in before arriving at the event. Check the conference program and try to identify the workshops and discussions to attend in advance. This way, you have the time to research and get an update on the topic. You’ll learn more and ask the right questions when you already understand the basics.   

4. Industry Events Bring in Fresh Ideas about Your Client’s Needs

Business globalization has been changing society, economy, business life, and the environment in more ways than one. Almost all companies large and small need translation and localization services to overcome the challenges of a global market.

But, as the public becomes more aware of the effects of globalization, businesses need a more accurate message and are compelled to rely heavily on translation.   

Translation conferences are an invaluable opportunity for translators to learn from specialists and clients about how the industry is changing. Attending dedicated events keeps translators up to date on the many challenges clients face, as the internet speeds up globalization.

When you understand the unique needs of your clients in the digital era, you’re more likely to upgrade your services and come up with tailor-made solutions that address those needs.

5. Translators Can Learn About New Tools and Technologies

The digital transformation has had a significant impact on the language industry. Software helps translators work faster, increase the quality of the translation, and keep its consistency during long projects.  

Many translation conferences in the past years have had a focus on the right solutions and technologies for language professionals. Some events are even dedicated exclusively to new techniques and tools for translation and localization projects.

For instance, GALA 2019 will discuss artificial intelligence and its contribution to changing the localization industry. During the event, experts will examine the role of machines. They’ll also look at the human response to an industry that has seen many changes lately.

Any doubts and questions you have related to technology and cybersecurity, you’ll find at least one conference that has your answers. You can discover new working methods and better tools that can help you increase productivity for your translation business.

6. Conferences Generate Business Opportunities for Your Translation Business

Conferences are often the best place to uncover new business prospects. At the same time, these events are an excellent source of new ideas for consistent business growth.

So, on one hand, you get to meet new clients and connect with them in a friendly environment. On the other hand, you get to identify new market opportunities, by learning more about how other businesses operate and handle industry-specific challenges.

During seminars and workshops, participants talk about their working experience, sharing valuable knowledge on how to find new clients. For your translation business, it can be a great way of getting new ideas or a fresh perspective on your traditional working methods.   

7. Translation Events Are Fun!

Last, but not least, translation conferences can help you break the routine and enjoy yourself for a weekend. Traveling to events is fun, and building new friendships with colleagues and clients makes your job more rewarding.

The more events you attend over the years, the better your relationships with your clients will be. You’ll get to know more about the way they work, how your translations contribute to their success, and what goals they have for their businesses.

Many translation events include fun activities in their programs. From parties to tours of the local area where the event is hosted, there’s always something relaxing that will help you recharge your batteries.

Never underestimate the power of having fun in the company of some interesting people!