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January 6, 2023 | Uncategorized

Top 5 trends to expect for the translation industry in 2023

The translation industry is growing faster every year. Projections speculate a 20 billion dollar growth in the next four years. According to Nimdzi’s Report, the industry is expected to possibly be valued at USD 84.9 billion by 2026. So what are the next steps for the industry?

Nowadays, communication is as faster as ever. Translation and Localization solutions have become more relevant than ever in the globalized world. Most of the World is connected, and many brands are trying to go global. To build this worldwide presence and ensure your brand globalization, you need to localize your content and speak your audience’s language.

A new year has come, developments were made, new trends are here and some remain. Here are our top 5 trends for the translation and localization industry in 2023:

1- More Brands Reaching Global Audiences through Transcreation, Technical Translation, and Localization

The combination of these three Language Services is crucial for any brand that has the intention of going global. Although they have similarities and are mostly used together Translation, Localization and Transcreation are vastly different tasks. 

To put it in simple terms: Localization deals with region targeting. Transcreation deals with the preservation of emotion and intent. Technical Translation is the raw language adaptation. So with the combination of the three, your business can achieve the best communication possible, no matter the place in the globe.

2 – The Rise of e-Learning Platforms

It’s no surprise that after COVID-19, E-learning platforms got a chance to shine, and it seems as if they are here to stay. Many specialized platforms are gaining momentum and more valuable information becomes accessible every day.

A great example is the new platform Talentum360, created by Clear Words Translations to promote continued learning for translators.

3- The Use of Machine Translation Post-Editing

The use of machine translation has increased a lot in recent times. However, machine translation doesn’t have the best accuracy, most translations range between 60% to 90% accuracy.

With time reduction in mind, this trend uses the initial machine translation combined with post-editing from a native human translator. The translator will be able to use localization and make sure all the mistakes made by machine translation are fixed and the final text is improved and well localized.

4 – Growing Demand for Translation and Interpreting Services

Events and business conferences are booming all over the world. People are eager to develop the next big thing and share ideas. This creates a huge demand for Interpreters from many languages. For these worldwide influential events to happen, we need simultaneous interpreting to assure all messages are being communicated no matter the language.

5- Development of Multilingual SEO Strategies

An online presence is a must-have. Nowadays the whole world is connected to the internet, it is extremely important to reach out to this audience. However, with a high volume of content, competition has increased, making SEO the best way to be seen on online searches. 

If your company has worldwide intentions, having SEO work done on your website only in one language is not enough. To make sure you appear in searches all over the world, it is crucial to have not only your website translated into all your client’s languages but also make sure the SEO is done correctly in all languages.

What are your company’s plans for 2023? Do you have any language and communication services that need attention from specialists?

Contact Clear Words Translations today, and let’s talk about your projects! Let’s make sure 2023 will be a great year, and your business can reach an even bigger audience!