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novembre 14, 2022 |

Top 3 reasons why transcreation can take your company’s communication to the next level

What is transcreation?

Transcreation is the portmanteau of the words ‘translation’ and ‘creation’, and it refers to the technique of adapting communication between languages. Transcreation is also known as ‘creative translation’ as it goes beyond a technical translation. The central idea is to maintain the tone and sentiment of the source language when translating the information to the target language.

1: Communicate with your audience on a deeper level

By having your content be transcreated the translation agency working on your project will make sure to keep the emotion and intent you originally had. Furthermore, transcreation adapts that feeling to the target region, this way your audience will feel like the message is directed at them.

2: A marketing specialist will be a part of the transcreation project.

By having a marketing translation expert, you can be sure that your communication will be as effective as possible. Not only will your material have the appropriate language, but also the tone of a marketing translation, targeted specifically to your audience.

3: Adapting previous ad campaigns.

Let’s say you have a business and you’re working on your brand globalization. All your previous ad campaigns might not be valid anymore because of the new cultural perspective you’ll have to follow in each new target location. With Transcreation you can adapt this previous material by keeping the same idea and general intent but said in a way that makes sense for your target region.

How do I get my communication transcreated?

The first step is finding a reliable translation agency that offers transcreation services. After that, when you send the source material for translation, make sure the intent and emotion behind that content are clarified to the translation company. This way, when the responsible professionals start working, they will know exactly what direction to go with your text.

Most transcreation projects will also include a marketing translator. It’s very important to have that marketing perspective, as your intention with that content will most likely be to communicate effectively with an audience.

Clear Words Translations has a worldwide team of translators, with some of the best transcreation specialists. This way you can have a native speaker translator, working alongside a marketing expert.

Let’s start working on your project today, so you can be sure your message is being communicated effectively and creatively to your audience!