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2월 6, 2018 |

Top Translation Industry Events of 2018

The language services industry reached $43 billion in 2017 and is expected to register $47.5 billion in revenues by 2021. Between translation, interpreting services and localization, there’s plenty of top translation industry events this year.

Staying updated on the latest trends in the industry is essential, if you want to get the most of your team. So, pack your suitcase and get ready to join some of the most important translation industry events this year!

From Boston to London and Tokyo, you can find important conferences to learn new skills and share your knowledge with other translators.

The Most Important Translation Industry Events This Year

Together – The European Language Industry Association

When? 22-23 February, 2018

Where? Athens, Greece

This is one of several translation industry events that calls on translators, interpreters, editors, proofreaders and project managers who wish to build professional relationships inside the industry. The organizers promise attendees interesting workshops and thought-provoking discussions.

‘Together’ can help you to develop a stronger network, deal with the latest business challenges and learn about new tools to increase productivity, among other benefits.

This year, the conference promotes an interesting theme – Specialize to Excel. The three major topics programmed are Specialization, Trends and Technology. Topics will be moderated by industry experts.

Language Advocacy Day 2018 – Joint National Committee for Languages

When? 15-16 February, 2018

Where? Washington, USA

Do you want to learn more about how to be a successful advocate for world languages? Then you need to be in Washington in February. Researchers, linguists, localizers, translators, interpreters and other specialists in the industry gather here to discuss the impact of their work and to promote world languages.

Some of the most important aspects of the event refer to federal programs and policies that include study and use of world languages. Besides learning practices for state level advocacy, you get to connect with other language advocates across the country.

GALA 2018 – The Globalization and Localization Association

When? 13-16 March 2018

Where? Boston, USA

This year, the 10th annual Language of Business Conference will take place in Boston, and it’s one of the main translation industry events that focuses on localization. Participating means being in the same place with top level providers of language services from various parts of the world.

96 percent of the participants at the last year’s annual event declared themselves satisfied or extremely satisfied with the conference. GALA 2018 is the right industry event to discover new strategies, including localization, for your business in the language industry.

GALA Language of Business is an event for all professionals who have an interest in this industry – translation services providers, technology companies, localization engineers and managers, researchers and corporate buyers.

AMTA 2018 –  The Association for Machine Translation in the Americas

When? 17-21 March, 2018

Where? Boston, USA

Collocated with GALA 2018, this event brings together researchers and industry experts to discuss machine translation technology updates and their impact on the niche.

This year, presentations will include, among others, hot topics about the progress in development of machine translation, such as deep learning and neural MT. The themes are divided in three major tracks: Research, Government and Commercial.

If you decide to attend AMTA, you can learn more about how to integrate machine translation in localization lifecycles, chat and live applications. Among the most interesting topics, they also identify the use of machine translation in commercial settings and as an analytical tool.

If you sign up for both GALA and AMTA, you get discounted registration rates.

TLC 2018 – The Translation and Localization Conference

When? 23-24 March, 2018

Where? Warszawa, Poland

This year’s edition is focused on ‘Translator Ex Machina’, which means attendees are going to discuss the role of technology in translation industry.

Among the most interesting topics, you find useful information on how translators solve problems that machines can’t handle and what the future holds for the profession in this complex business environment.

During the conference you can discover new CAT tools, time management tools and process improvement tools, which can help translators become more productive.

The Translation and Localization Conference scored 9.4 of 10 for organization and 8.4 of 10 for value for money, based on the attendees’ votes after the past editions.

LocWorld 36

When? 3-5 April, 2018

Where? Tokyo, Japan

LocWorld is one of the most important events organized by and for people who do localization, translation and global website management.

The conference is useful for people who want to learn more about international businesses. By participating to this event, you get to meet important people in the industry, increase your network and get access to useful insights about the localization industry.

Localization Unconference 2018

When? 26-28 April, 2018

Where? Berlin, Germany

If you’re looking for an unconventional event in the industry, you should register for the Localization Unconference. Organizers are looking to bring together people doing localization who wish to discuss about the industry.

The event is divided in two tracks:

  • The Unconference, where interactive discussions about localization substitute boring presentations
  • Translathon and Hackathon, where language experts and coders dive into industry challenges.

IAPTI 2018 – International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters

When? 29-30 September, 2018

Where? Valencia, Spain  

If you’re looking to meet some fellow interpreters and learn more about the industry, IAPTI 2018 is the right place for you. The final program of the conference is still to be announced, but will include presentations on translation, interpreting and terminology.

Organizers have announced the presence of Emily Wilson, the first woman to translate “The Odyssey” into English. And it’s not all about classic languages. During the workshops, you can learn how to translate medical terminology and how to better handle the business part of the job.

ICIT 2018 – World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology

When? 15-16 October, 2018

Where? London, United Kingdom

The 20th International Conference on Interpreting and Translation will bring together translators, interpreters, researchers and educators who wish to discuss trends and concerns in the language services industry.

Machine Translation is a frequent topic in this year’s presentations and conference papers. If you’re interested in learning more about the subject, you should register for the workshops and special sessions organized during the event.

59th ATA Conference  – American Translators Association

When? 24-27 October, 2018

Where? New Orleans, USA

The event includes over 150 educational sessions on various languages – Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Italian, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and the Slavic languages. Translators and interpreters from all over the world will arrive at New Orleans to share from their experience and learn about the new trends in the industry.

The conference includes topics on all important specializations, from medical and literary to science and technology. Last year, the ATA Conference gathered over 1,800 participants from the US and worldwide.

If you’re looking to build your network, this is the right event to register for, as it also includes a large networking event together with the interactive courses.

Wherever you see your company going this year, take the time to add at least one of these top translation industry events to your busy schedule and help your company reach its full potential in 2018.