translation trends

How Globalization Influences Translation Trends and the Language Industry 

fevereiro 18, 2020

Translators and language services providers have been making communication possible at global levels for thousands of years. However, it’s only in the last few decades that the industry has boomed into what it is today. Today, translation trends go h …

translation conferences

7 Things to Do After Attending Translation Conferences

fevereiro 12, 2020

Translation conferences and other industry events are essential for your networking strategy. However, participation isn’t enough to ensure success. What you do when you get home can equally influence your growth as a translator.  Indeed, the first w …

localization myths

5 Localization Myths You Shouldn’t Believe 

fevereiro 5, 2020

Localization myths keep businesses from reaching their potential in international markets. Most of these folk tales are based on a lack of information and the still prevalent misbelief that languages don’t influence business.  Marketers and business …

Translation matters to non-profit organizations

Why Translation Matters to Non-Profit Organizations 

janeiro 30, 2020

How charities and similar organizations choose to communicate with the world has a direct impact on their results. In this sector, multiculturalism and multilingualism are essential elements, so translation matters for non-profit organizations.  Whet …

localization resolutions

Top 7 Localization Resolutions for 2020 

janeiro 23, 2020

New year, new translation and localization projects. If you have expansion plans for 2020, it’s time to think seriously about a strategy. You can start by analyzing what’s worked well in the past and identifying which elements to adjust for improved …

Translation in B2B marketing

5 Ways to Get Your Business Translation-Ready

janeiro 16, 2020

A company with global reach should consider translation a regular part of its operations. That’s because when you start building multinational relationships, translations are no longer a one-off necessity, but a recurring job. So, getting your busine …

translators and interpreters

5 Ways Translators and Interpreters Change the World Every Day 

janeiro 9, 2020

Myths, cliches, and urban legends about translators and interpreters make it hard for people in the language industry to explain the nature of their work. Language experts are often seen as walking dictionaries, obsessed with punctuation and grammar, …

working with an interpreter

Top 9 Guidelines for Working with an Interpreter

dezembro 31, 2019

Are you planning an event that requires the presence of an interpreter but have no idea where to start? There’s an etiquette that comes with working with an interpreter that will not only smooth conversations but also make your guests feel more at ea …

Top 6 Holidays to Celebrate This Season

dezembro 24, 2019

Christmas and the New Year are some of the most popular holidays around the globe, with people of all nations and languages praising solidarity and new beginnings. But they’re not the only significant holidays to celebrate this season.  Christians or …

future of language services providers

The Future of Language Service Providers: What Challenges to Expect in 2020 

dezembro 19, 2019

2020 isn’t going to be an easy year for language services providers, whether they’re freelancers or agencies. But growth is essential for those who want to stay in business. So, the future of language services providers belongs to those who can learn …