vendor management

The Importance of Vendor Management in Translation

fevereiro 3, 2021

When most people consider the translation process, they naturally think about the translators and interpreters that convey a text or message from one language to another. However, the translation industry holds many opportunities for all kinds of div …

Clear Words Translations Is Hiring – Check All Open Positions

janeiro 29, 2021

Are you ready to further your career in the translation industry? Are you looking for challenging and flexible work that allows you to work remotely yet form part of a talented team of linguists, account managers, developers, and creatives? If you ar …

translation services technology

Translation Services for the Technology Sector

janeiro 20, 2021

Translation services play a crucial role in all lines of business – and the technology sector is no exception. In fact, even before the pandemic forced us to change our working habits and rely more heavily on technology, the sector was forecast to gr …

The Importance of Developers in a Translation/Localization Agency

janeiro 14, 2021

When many companies set out to localize their website, app, or marketing materials, they’ll often start by asking a translator for a price quote. They may turn to a provider with little-to-no development experience wrongly assuming that the project i …

video translation

Top Tips for Ensuring Optimal Video Translation

janeiro 7, 2021

Accurate video translation is essential if you’re looking to capture and retain the interest of a new audience. And if you really want to awaken the emotions of your viewer and call them to take action, you’ll localize your videos as well using the i …

translation business

How to Get Ready for More Change in Your Translation Business in 2021

dezembro 30, 2020

The pandemic has brought massive changes in the way we do business, with a significant impact on the language service industry. If, for many years, change in your translation business was associated with progress, being able to embrace change in 2020 …

style guide

Why a Style Guide Is Essential to Your Translation Project

dezembro 23, 2020

A style guide is the glue that brings all your translations together to reflect your brand’s voice. It allows you to create a unique global image for your brand despite having localized content for multiple audiences across different countries and re …


How to Boost Your Global Video Marketing Strategy with Subtitles

dezembro 18, 2020

Subtitles are an excellent way of making video content available to broader audiences across multiple languages. For marketing videos, subtitles are an excellent technique to increase usability, highlight calls to action, and boost engagement. Subtit …

Translation in B2B marketing

How to Use Translation in B2B Marketing in 2021 

dezembro 10, 2020

B2B global marketing strategies should include more than one language. Even if most of your international clients speak English, having your website and marketing materials available in multiple languages can help you consolidate business relationshi …

Translators should invest in their education

5 Reasons Translators Should Invest in Their Education in 2021

dezembro 4, 2020

Professional development is crucial for translators who want to deliver top-quality services and stay competitive in the market. Just because you’ve earned your certifications or have a master’s degree doesn’t mean you should stop learning. Translato …