5 Life Science Localization Misconceptions

5 Life Science Localization Misconceptions That Slow Down Your Expansion  

setembro 17, 2020

In the life science industry, translations must be accurate and comply with regulations. It’s vital that your message is clear and respects industry standards each time you communicate with international business partners and clients. To achieve that …

Hiring medical translators

7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Medical Translators

setembro 9, 2020

Medical translation requires proficiency in at least two languages, cultural insights, excellent communication skills, awareness of the industry standards, and a series of certifications. Medical translators work in a highly-regulated translation nic …

video game subtitles

10 Golden Rules of Video Game Subtitles 

setembro 4, 2020

Video game subtitles matter, so when localizing video games, you should make sure your subtitles are available in multiple languages to meet players’ expectations.  Subtitles don’t only benefit deaf people, but all players who prefer to read importan …

game localization

Your Guide to Successful Game Localization 

agosto 26, 2020

If your game is registering an increase in downloads or purchases worldwide, and the number of international users is growing, it may be a sign that you’re ready to take it to the next level. Game localization will improve the user experience and boo …

life science translation

5 Life Science Translation Tips You Should Know About

agosto 20, 2020

Life science translation is very similar to medical translation. It has the same purpose: facilitating access to personalized healthcare services and improving the quality of life of people in all languages. However, the main difference is the target …

email localization

What Is Email Localization and When Should You Use It? 

agosto 13, 2020

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways of getting in touch with potential or existing clients and promoting your business. With email localization, you can replicate your successful email marketing campaigns for international audience …

local market research

What to Consider When Conducting Local Market Research 

agosto 6, 2020

A successful plan for expanding into a new country doesn’t have to be complicated, but it needs quantitative and qualitative data. You need in-depth local market research to have a correct understanding of your new target audience.  Numbers alone can …

cat tools

6 Questions About CAT Tools Answered 

julho 30, 2020

If you’ve been working with translators or plan to collaborate with language service providers, you’ve most probably heard CAT tools mentioned more than once. Most likely, you have questions about these tools and how they impact the quality of a ling …

webinar in multiple languages

4 Tips to Organize a Successful Webinar in Multiple Languages 

julho 23, 2020

A webinar in multiple languages is an excellent tool if you need to stay in touch with international audiences. As a powerful educational and marketing tool, a webinar also helps you increase brand awareness and generate engagement.  Webinars are one …

SaaS Translation

SaaS Translation Is Essential for Global Expansion

julho 17, 2020

The global SaaS space is becoming more competitive every year, as more providers are ready to go global. Companies in the industry recognize the importance of SaaS translation in creating products for international users. That’s because they understa …