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setembro 13, 2022 |

The use and importance of CAT tools for language service providers

The translation and localization industry has only been growing in the past years. The ongoing globalization trend makes having multi-lingual content a must-have for any brand that plans on going worldwide and building an online presence. People from all over the world are now within reach, and most of all, connected.

LSPs (Language Service Providers), such as Clear Words Translations, translate millions of words monthly from many different fields and in many languages. That would not be possible without the use of CAT tools.

What is a CAT tool?

The term CAT stands for Computer Assisted Translation. There are many CAT tools available for translators to use. They all have their peculiarities, but generally, they all have the standard tools a translator will need.

The translation memory is one of the main features of a CAT tool. When working on a technical translation, many terms will appear more than once, and that’s when this comes in handy. By having this memory, reoccurring terms can be easily identified and translated. The more translations a translator works on, the greater this memory gets, making future translations more practical and standardized.

Another crucial factor of CAT tools is the option to set a terminology glossary with clients. A terminology glossary is a list of specific and key terms commonly used in the given field of the content.

Take, for example, the oil and gas industry. There are many technical terms used internally, like “CCA”, API Gravity, and many others. So a glossary must be set to meet the industry standard with your final translation.

Why are CAT tools important?

Without CAT tools, translation memory, and a terminology glossary, it would take way longer to produce a technical translation. Nowadays, having computer-assisted tools is a central part of a translation agency’s productivity, since you can reduce the back-and-forth questions about terms, and significantly reduce the amount of repetitive work.

It is important to keep in mind that even though most translators are capable of translating without the assistance of computer-based tools. However, it’s difficult to meet the deadlines that our globalized world demands, accurately, and fast, translating fully manually.

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