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janeiro 24, 2022 | Uncategorized

Top 5 translation services that will be requested in 2022

Connection… We can say that it is one of the greatest benefits in the complex times we live in. In the face of remote lives and jobs, we are able to make connections and bridges more quickly than in the past. In this scenario, it is necessary, especially when dealing with stakeholders, facilitators, and customers, that we have refined and extremely high-quality communication. For this reason, we have listed 5 service trends for the year 2022.

However, it is always better to choose a translation service that can offer you great growth opportunities.

Top translation services to rise in demand in 2022

Do you want to know the best translation services that will rise in demand in 2022? Here we have some of the best options that you must consider in this regard.

So, here we go:


Subtitling is translating spoken dialogues into text forms on the screen. It is a kind of audiovisual translation job that commonly has its own set of guidelines and rules per clients’ requirements or needs. You can also consider this translation service if you want to step into a tempting yet growth-worthy career in translation.


Companies looking for marketing translation prefer to work with a translator who can copywrite as well. It is because copywriting translation would be an ideal choice for creating marketing material in multiple languages.

In addition to that, marketing translators who understand copywriting would create persuasive text that can bring amazing results. Due to all this, copywriting translators will be more in demand in 2022.

SEO localization

Technology is also represented as one of the largest career opportunities for translation service providers. It is mainly because companies are trying hard to get a spot in search engines. Therefore, they prefer to create plenty of content. Even more, they are focusing on multilingual SEO or SEO localization as well.

Therefore, such services on the internet are creating a huge requirement for translators, especially for SEO localization. Additionally, these translation services are also needed faster than ever.

App localization

App localization is becoming an increasingly popular practice that helps developers expand their audience base in the best possible way. However, the thought of app localization can be a little daunting for translation service providers, especially because not every developer can perform it on their own.

That’s the reason more and more app development companies want to have a translator in their team. So, they can easily localize their apps into different languages to grow successfully without any limitations.

Localization Engineering

Localization engineering is another amazing service you can offer in translation. Moreover, they usually manage different aspects of a workflow, from QA testing to even internationalization, to make localization of any project possible.

As more and more companies are now working on expanding globally. To make their business thrive in any market, they will need a localization engineer in their team. As an engineer, you will be responsible for the entire localization process of any company. In simple words, you will work as a bridge between products, vendors, and teams.


These are the best translation services that will be more requested in 2022. So, you can consider any of these as a great career opportunity based on your translation skills.

Faced with all the trends we listed above; you can count on Clear Words Translations! We will provide all the work with the highest quality possible, and guarantee that we will help your organization build effective bridges.